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Hey everyone! My name is Avryn and I am a junior at the Indiana Academy for Science, Mathematics and Humanities.. This is my first time being an exchange student and I've never been more excited to go back to school from a break. I was a bit nervous in the beginning as I was moving to a whole different continent and adding to the fact that I dint know anyone there. I have been in the academy for a semester now and I can't imagine myself anywhere else. I was always an adventurous soul so this exchange student program was a perfect opportunity for me.

The reality crashed on me when my flight landed and I was questioning if this was truly the right choice. This changed when I started school and I simply feel in love with that system of studies. There Is just so many opportunities and subject choices and at the end of the day it all boils down to what you really want to do. I have never met another bunch of such comforting, understanding and motivating people in my life and it was like a breath of fresh air. I have made so many friends in the past 5 months. The campus is lovely, usually when the weather is pretty outside me and my friends would just go outside and chill in the grass, take a walk and enjoy each others company. There is a lot more homework compared to my old school and its much more than just copying down the answers. Yes, there is a lot of homework here, but then again we are all going through the same thing together so we all bond in last minute procrastination. I love the scheduling because it is like a college schedule and it is so different from a high school schedule and its so much more free.

If you are planning on doing an exchange but have many doubts like I did, you can defiantly send me an email so I can clear them up for you. This is a great opportunity and I would advise everyone to try it as things like this don't come around often.

February Crusader of the Month

- Sandhru in Scecina Memorial School , Indianapolis

We are proud to share the good news that Sandhru Fredy from Scecina Memorial high school, Indianapolis is one of the Feb crusaders of the month. Great achievement, the way to go! We wish you many more feathers in the cap, Sandhru!


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